One time
when I sold lemonade

I sold it for ten dollars
instead of ten cents.

Yes, you guessed it,
didn't sell a single Dixie cup

but got a lot of attention.
Everyone wanted a sample

even though it was 56 and cloudy
but I refused.

I was locked on ten dollars
and after they left confused,

because they couldn't afford me,
I drank all the damn lemonade myself.

And it was the best, the best
thousand dollars I never made.

Scott Poole is the author of The Cheap Seats (Lost Horse Press) and Hiding from Salesmen (Lost Horse Press). He is the associate director of Eastern Washington University Press and the coordinator of Spokane's Literary Festival, Get Lit! The Cheap Seats, was a finalist for Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year awards. His newest book is Hiding from Salesmen which features art by Robert Helm. He lives with his family in Spokane, Washington where his work can be heard every Monday morning at 7:50am on KPBX 91.1, Spokane Public Radio. You can read more about him from recent articles on and