Chad Arnold
Philosophy Around the Lake 

Torpedoes do more damage than missiles
—Anonymous 6 year-old; 12 July 2006 

The teacher leads the students.
The students lead the teacher. Yes. 
I, an old man here
the summer, the thick of it. Spelling the shore with oldies.

They get somewhere, have satisfaction for a time. 
A red and yellow and a yellow and red horsefly rest. 
Unheard of. 

I have arrived at the far end, 
farther than yesterday and because of it. 

In the spillway the reflection of my head. My god
is leaves and murk down there. The crumbled earth is wash. 
A brown gesso, a sphere, 

slow chaos of shadow. 
All this. This near-distance, 
that has come before, will keep and keep coming. 

The usual unsound of being alone.