Arpine Konyalian Grenier
Arpine Konyalian Grenier
In the Supernal Garden

No self will vengefully hybridize itself and yet
reason screams at result for codified erg 
agreement depends on argument/ theory
nowhere irreversible but within artifice

I belong to and am under the rule of the supernal

states matter to states as they greet parallel brains 
faith based or hope out there serial prudence 
principles so as to curate reason


regrouping will save me as I resist difference not absent nor present or same
an iterated soul machine rubbed off krypton for xenon green for just that 
quod erat morality problem of succession near blue matter 
issued off course baring itself at light at critical

whereby expanding contracting balanced the blue/ white fit 
to declare testament and conclusions to shape 
the approaching receding exacting 90% 

codignly yellow

there is no resistance when color takes off indifferent to light so
and only so because what is mind shackles time as collateral 
as if to remind the bodiless have entered us and the plot is
engage think plot as always bottoms up re mind 
(let us play games) sub urban thought provides 
a willingness and acanthus fields 

for otia
the haptic laugh        

yet were it not for tragedy we would have been nomenclature
prehended and deglutinized for some future compluvium 
curtailed from air with air ripping off namous
gently avenging focus from nothing within
so we breathe


beauty bit by bit then by no means beneath and accustomed 
to its own (vacuum and then sound) from ciphered mass
hard to sustain owner or beggar (community)
crumbles common era memory

make me unique within this politic of roots seven generations endowed 
this mystical disease snatching space to be born again 
and again macular its message 
a body of text I chew
inside a box 

a crowder and informed nodes it is (thank God) the ill-conditioning 
scaffold annihilates my tongue into some digitized density 
a portmanteau conveniently at large 
clearing the senses

we have a chance at this we say top down

though there is choice we were saved
freedom to choose is Americanly 


First Day I planned (impermanente)

I wore laurel to protect history and yet lightning declared
history is history and myth is a generic we 
cause as reason fixed as urgent 

gaps bulk edge

as in no leader imposed selfhood will distort meaning 
the domesticated (one) among a centralized no one
neurotransmitter busy with gene pools

to avert despair the imposed breathes material condensation
almost forward in direction (I put my arms around the promise)
piton by piton the screen declares let out is not give out
war cannot be peace for experience to waddle as medium

come and go dislocation of bones the point 
a lower case vagueness so how thrown by light at first 
love chose pretense however friend or foe pulling teetering 
for months then facing the self blindfolded
choice words and all 


here now spare me the clay hit my knees so calm and generous  
void of throw and covet so no work is performed 
work as such but product and abundant and how to my way
out of that absolute or relative necessity all about complexities 

formatting standardizing bits so one can in corporate/ 
digest a convertibility of output greater than some
input within a system of no velocity 

		bleakness to its burly bronze orchard
	sadness and worry 

I resist the figuration

vampire genes tilt and rotate charged particles 
allow for smell sound dilutes then junk space 
to assimilate without negotia

I am the symbol of speaks revisited

light signals a wavering surplus I cannot articulate 
be moaned and bereft a prophet still in continuous abbreviation
a large head inside principles scratching against mind

does energy conserve itself then and how tenure provides retreat
else directed arms carefully punctuating stance impersonating some soft petal mostly curling sideways not just any sure thing 
others repeating themselves like engineered earthworms

mediation marooned 

so many histories portfolio around calling that impulse snapping at the recharge 
as four letters advance ownership for communal or private use my world 
binary between number text and diagram is its backward view 
avoiding cost that wills memory due to lag of domain
my world is perimetered and timely coils
redundant and supple

last year’s next year or yesterday’s
	tomorrow year

self enacted through the shoulder
skeptical of land alignments
	corner me corner mine

small minds inside large heads rattle
it is necessary to maximize the positive to minimize

meanwhile life trumps the call past beauty then saves beauty for arguments 
over and over lived and redone settings for decided characters - it’s all cakewalk 
one says churlish of this unfurnished remembering - show me the good in being 
principled while incapable of serving the hopefuls and faithfuls

then there were the rules of the spine

light weaving light through air out of air by light in troughs
we were incandescent luminescent and diviningly crested 
electrons colonized for pleasure the computational 
echo to topos photon for one more just offering 
	wailing carnage

Jamal meeting Jalal at the creases of my forehead
ectopic confusion/ retreat

to whom or for whom is my that voice then 
convert me to a later edition (confirm) 
or undo me off the record all the way
the hillside cracked and occurred

I recall surfaces (defiled) a voice careening true and holy
bone to bone to earth and dear of speech  

undeliverable topic formal and worldly 
without news but a clause inside out


more linear and surfaced less aimed but then
I frown at your best spread reglage/release 
lens of oblivion and numeric babble

so credit spun because we want civic (arguments) in our vocabulary
never mind pollen trail hum community sweetness winged and winging 
temporality for ridge bridge humor (humus) 
	a crane’s bridge

beware I trade my likes and dislikes where signs stop 
the lofty habit of character within a story 
I sink into punctuation for language
washed away chip inside 

what hungry door will expect me?

polyvocal artifice from a larger voice
tempest under my pillow

	Xavante prudence

meant to sustain choice where habit of mind breeds 
shaped into learning and think pads

Second Day (faraj)

Location is for particle as velocity is to wave principle
I am both and yet know nothing of life’s trajectory

always a now circulates my senses tracing curvature 
some call ark of light matter aum aumed 
vowel for maya from mara mara

what can I learn from your deletions?
do I breathe because Lilith breathed unto me?

do I see because I have eyes?

what vanguard organ heretofore would this tic refer to to confer 
Garden and Eden to God - how else could we play his tune 
after all we tilling ground to console him oh no 
no other where and why will stand for disclosure
that was my response to morality

whereas morality comes from tilling please do not (verb me) 
sentence me and I shall adapt to the necessary timely
mixing earth with my own so hybrid a denial of source 
where and only with fury the fall gathers (probability)
co-opts and uses an only ruling (source) allowing 
earth as in world and world 

as in other worldly faraj  

Hannibal here and there then but also now
a thought bedecked before or after some 
concerned starter or relieving partner of sin 
approaching one two or via Punic 

				hear but do not hear see but do not
as thought screams at the unthought for imperial design

stay and be with yourself I say in the end here dear my daily debt self 
bedk bedk nouned to verb need where the overlap has escaped the free 
the safe meanwhile memory vouching for the modernly mellow 
some silly beginner who kills to live the daily 
sipping morality 

the overlap makes me

when will I forgive myself for all I come with?
axes axes in formation

that we are aftermath to an exacting unsounding is only word
we sing like birds short of action watching wind

	hospitality inside
the silicates

Third Day (interstitial sounds)

A rational soul is acquisition muddled away from inevitable ground
regard less as letters on a screen previously crude related dull 
red around its halo preserved for record they say 

none is the lesser for letting the world know this whatever event 
red song in the end for some feeling or reason coming and going
some different type of life out there new math and multi-verse
new salts I cannot taste or touch: autism dyslexia familiarity 

less new and unclothed boundaries for recall 
less charted as guard will not regard  
inside being outside 

covalent as merit
shared poverty imposes

	hospitals permit 

my boat won’t align such velocity even if I were 
this mongrel moment (plate) I spring off of 
to question my naming could be circle of an assertion 
walling faith as theory wills postcard music 
slow to impasse amnesia
borrowed meaning 

naming could be condemned music to our ears 
	geopolitic in our face

	regard features personal dust voiding trusted expectation
	no sense detailing away from our fore-bearers
	editing as we live alpha gamma rahma listed  
comparing the edit looking forward
 or at the birds

regard is multi-mirrored womb through and through ground 
between once loved moments - lung of my excitement fever
you are them for they deliver  


bare yourself to rapture along self as sound

before we were mineral we had lineage
before common era was common 

and then he named all
j’en ai assez

let there be settles and seals conception the conceived slash 
calendars season after season circle the flame of evidence and absurdity 
traction material reverses the light
 spools and pulls back the fading 

quilt negotiated where pomegranate is the apple of the people
prodding for clarity of matter (rehab retail perspective or retail 
rehab) astral and nautical shore alike



to breathe unto the dying 


I have made law of this love

dusk disciples at large
throats rising to bridge the arc

improve is the word reaching and out thought space I recover 
then action (light) trapped unlike breath weary from recall trembles 
a double terror nature calls to order is fact

grenade by grenade blood flows
something to say stops me

			nature is honest

	naming hacks off distance romances shadows
sainted and sleepy within a kingdom boredom rules
the singed part of you and me still winged (Hosanna)
template for maidens and maids I have had to 
having had to seem to sum up and down 
running citing the tried too thirsty 
to give up true whereas

this creepy and barren flooring is a sum up recognition
the lack of and fear from inclusion at the center 
willful and implied namous riding a name 
learning new ways to look at the sky 

thick as day is the law of high level code that applies real time to income 
outcome get-go prosthetics (he was left to wait for a train) occupies 
space unlike thought - who is who was behind its song to elicit concepts: 
chance probability purpose and Virgo clusters redeeming remorse 
a maiden riddled into the comedy of grasping too high 
too short a string untouched by order and venture 

rise and foray into sound say ay say to wind to sorrow no matter
the boastful multi-part rhythm sort of life you come from
one with lines of calcium and the ordinary plus dark matter 
moving away the opaque while the translucent picks up 

co-relational to velocities here over here 

first generation light willing weaving yet to confirm 
taste outside of a hydrogen to helium technique 
far too well chewed a fetish 

stick to the root level of quite and follow crew
my hearing sensitizes itself to be inclusive so ear develops 
taste doing away with the unwording

then second generations within bismil hawa gravity 
spewing strands of debris we grab life from