Scott Hammer
Scott Hammer
Questions and Statements

Did the boy            fire               the gun?
Had the boy            fired              the gun before?
Will the boy            fire               the gun again?

I couldn't directly touch the object
as it lay smoking on the ground.

It's hard to tell if the subject
is dead or just resting. I held back

my testimony at first, unsure
if I deserved the blame for not stopping

the gunman. I can only arrange
an explanation in past tense: my class was heated.

I gave discussions their breath, left open
for questions and utterance.

Please don't blame me. I have problems
making critical marks on tests.

I didn't know his personal life enough
to guess he was in trouble. Maybe he kept

an arsenal at home. I didn't visit
and am glad for that now. He'll never shoot again.

There is another question arrangement
possible in this situation.

What is it and when
or why would we use it?


A news anchor approached me
behind his microphone.

He told me he wanted to capture
my teaching on TV, titled

On Whom Can the Children Count On?

A preposition is used to help
an object fit in a sentence.

Employed correctly, it provides
location, time, action and movement.

All things must happen in the middle of

A preposition does not have to tell us why.

I told the reporter I'd resigned, that I don't
know anything about how to get next to reach for
students around or with anyone.


Yes I said I just put my papers off to the right
on the desk
over and out if it.

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