Marcia LeBeau
Marcia LeBeau


Who is the speaker for
this generation?

Who will stand
and say, “Nice hat, thanks!”

Who will pick up the wrong
bottle of water and drink it?

Who will name a cola after
their daughter?

Who will be the last human on Earth
to eat Pez in the rain?

Who will throw their Pantene Pro-V locks
From side to side like a red silk ribbon?

Who will wipe the slate clean with a
horsehair bow?

Who will twist their body into a
braided rug from Mumbai?

To get money for dope, who will
weave a basket out of reeds?

Who will do hand springs off your coffin?
Make a mobile to hang above it, who will do that?

We will not begin again until you cover us
with cheese cloth soaked in mango juice

and tie us to the nearest flood gate.