Christine Herzer
Christine Herzer

Science Fictions



I would bring you here
At the end of April
We would open the
Door of the almost
Empty fridge to try
Different things
Fit your arm
Right in, for example

I would make you eat Heat


I would change my mind
About many things
Widows, and the Taj Mahal amongst them

I would say
I loved you more than her
It was not right

I would kneel in front of a beige corduroy arm-chair
Cover your knees
With my ears
And listen to the hand-painted postcards from the Russian front

I would make you over, Stand you up

You would continue to
Bake chocolate cake with
Small amounts of red wine
The cake would be kept in the fridge
At nighttime, I would break off
Cooled pieces, I would throw
Them into Cold Cow Milk
With a spoon, I would start fishing
Brown stars out of the Milky Way



I would fake it
I would free the empty baby bottles
Deprave them of their plastic bag coffins
Give them a proper bedding
I would say Sleep with me

I offer you my church


I would buy marbles
Submit poems
Communicate my cell phone number

I would trust children
I would say How are you?
Did you drink my money?

I would reclaim all the pretty promises
Wash my EARS
Get that hole stitched up

I would be firm and gentle
I would NOT leave this country
I would learn Hindi & Gujarati; Bear children
Walk to the Kindergarten
We would eat pure
To be painfully honest
I felt Love
I would write a Love poem

You were the most beautiful bottle
I have ever kissed


I wouldn’t say a word
About the dirt on his lips
I would give him a suitcase of oil pastels

I would be strong and
My disease would be strong too
We would be equals

I would say I love you always
I wish you had loved only me

I would lay it all out on the floor
I would kiss the floor many times
My face and my Heart and all the Dirt
Inside of my Mouth would come together
We would sit for a while; a long while
And stare at each other

He would arrive with you,
You would hold hands and sit down,
Without untouching, his hand would
Rest on your knee, or,
Maybe on your shoulder;

I would find it unbearable to watch
I would want it over; Untrue
I would want it to be a lie;

I would not look away
I would see him as I saw him
That day at the gate, smiling

At me and I would smile right back
I would feel his fingers touch my left shoulder
And I would know that I have it
I would look her in the eyes
I would give her what is not mine
I would accept what I am made of


I would always leave the lights on
If something were to happen
Say, a power cut,
Some sudden failure
Greedy fingers pressing against plastic appliances
I would order:

One chocolate witch
A rose widow
Soldiers, sons, a pot of glue
Two Prostitutes

I would wear the bill


I would go to his exhibitions
Undo the war
Bring him home

I would be taught how to form opinions
I would feel encouraged to draw my thoughts

There would always be music
In the house; Cold Cow Milk
And pencils in books between bed sheets;
The house would have
No basement; We would rub
Soft towels against our skin

Oranges would be kept in the light

Each of us would speak about himself
Only; Clarity would carry a weight so
White we would come to befriend it

There would be huge distances
A wooden bridge in the kitchen
A balcony In his hand

He would give it to you often
You would come to cherish Fingers
Lizards and Mud;

You would be lovely and warm-hearted
You would not tell me to lie;
We would go to the movies

Watch Them fall in Love
Make you

I would tell you that I love you


I would steal your broom
I would tell him to stop
Beating you;

He would stop and take the ferry
To the city where soft pretzels are sold in streets that fume

You would comb
Your hair
And put oil everywhere;

We would empty all his bottles
Convert them into candle
Holders and from time to time
Add a white peony

Children would visit the house
And put all your food in the oven; eventually
I would stop beating my mouth

I would wake. I would not need to eat purple heat to know it