T.J. Jarrett
T.J. Jarrett

Methods and Materials

Logistical concerns: Define your role.
Who to carry the rope, who to carry

the kerosene. Matters of real estate.
Consider the subject— its mass,

acceleration. Distance needed
to fall. Consideration: tensile

strength and gauge are
diminished by knotting. Rope

breaks most often at the point
where it has been turned back upon

itself, the point of its most acute
introspection. With regard to

containment and transport of
kerosene: One can contain

the fuel but not the fire.
Caution: It has been known to

travel a swift, straight line
from one body to another.


What We Say to the Fire

For Sam Hose, burned April 23, 1899
Negotiate. Say,

I will crush lumber
with my teeth. I will spare you

labor if you
spare my life. Turn

the crowd back with
words. Blame.

Say, you must be hungry
& turn the finger

from yourself.
Say, I would

lift no hand
in my own defense.

Say, I will bear you

from this place
on my back.

How far have I already
carried you.