Miguel Gardel
Miguel Gardel

Ecstasy in the Cafeteria

I came near and stood by their table. I asked about their daughter and she said they had left her with the Kelleys. I was acting as if we knew each other well and I had won the right to ask this kind of question. “So what are you guys going to do this nice evening?”

“Movies,” he said.

“What are you going to see?” I said this in the same familiar tone I had just established.

She said the name of the movie, and she said it with plenty of familiarity, making it seem like I was an old friend of the family. She was reciprocating and I noted that everything was going just right.

It was an old movie and I had seen it a few years before in New York and I told her.

“Oh, really?” she said. “How is it?” She looked interested and I started to feel a little cosquillita in my stomach.

So I sat down at their table, across from her. He turned his head as if looking for someone. I saw my friend Ortiz having coffee two tables away.

“It’s in black and white,” I said.

She twisted her mouth and looked at her husband and he said to her, “I told you that.” And he kept reminding her of all he had told her about the movie. “… young people in Texas, in a small town…”

So she knew what it was about. And it came to me that she had wanted me to tell her. And that maybe… Well, just then la cosquillita began to spread all over my body. Yeah, yeah…

And he went on and on but she was looking at me and I was looking at her. And what I was feeling inside of me could not be controlled. I stretched my legs under the table and then I spread out slowly to look for her with my right foot; and we found each other; her shoe and my boot. By now, all inside of me la cosquillita had taken over. And I felt that I had her; we had each other. Though I had met her for the first time and spoke briefly to her the night before, she was the whole world to me because I was lonely. To her I didn’t know what I was. But she must have had some need. Her upper body was very stiff. Because he might notice, she didn’t dare move a muscle. Her brown eyes stared hard into my eyes; and I looked at him and beyond him. She was penetrating deep into me and he couldn’t see her.

But he could see me so I had to be cool. I had to talk to him, answer him, relax him, make him feel wanted, coax him to continue telling us all he knew about the old movie. Meanwhile, under the table, we were rubbing leather. And then she was rubbing my leg softly with the toe of her shoe. And then I did the same to her. But I wanted to feel her flesh on my flesh. She had on a skirt. I discreetly took a hold of both my pants legs below the knees and pulled until both my legs were naked. And then I straddled her leg and felt her warmth. I squeezed. And we rubbed gently. And that’s how it went until... the ecstasy that comes came to me. I didn’t know about her. I asked her with my eyes and with her eyes she said yes. And she smiled. The movie as topic had transformed into something else and I had stopped talking but he kept on and I nodded approval.

A few minutes later I waved to Ortiz, got up and said goodnight.