Editor's Note
Editor's Note


It was my great pleasure to navigate us through the intricacies of putting Issue 11 together. We are honored to have received so many stunning submissions. In the end, we had to make choices and we chose those that we, to put it simply, had to have. Something about them insisted they were the best; perhaps it was their language, or impression they left us with, or their sense of urgency, or how the subject matter was dealt with. What we have with is an issue we’re in love with for its strength and beauty.

Thank you to our wonderful contributors: Francis Raven for our surreal cover image and for additional extraordinary art work, and our talented writers – Alex Stolis, Cynthia Atkins, Jerrod E. Bohn, Laura Merleau, Marynia Kolak, Miguel Gardel, Rick Marlatt, and Tarn Wilson.

I’d like to take a moment to recognize the contributions of our amazing staff/team for their hard work, discerning eyes, and tireless availability: Christina Cook, Don Wenzel, Judy Seaman, Karen Lepri, and for the support, encouragement, and guidance of Inertia’s Editor-in-Chief, J. M. Spalding.

We hope you enjoy the issue and welcome your comments.

All best,
Karen Neuberg
October 2011