Sandra Kolankiewicz
Sandra Kolankiewicz

The Question Is

who would I call now? The men all have
bellies, hair going, gone, or suspicious.
Call, just to chat. To someone who isnít a
woman because women chat. Women chat
all the

time. Because that thing doesnít happen to
me anymore. I can have just a conversation
now, donít bring up a past or a future, just
the mediocrity of the daily, never

mention that one time in July on that inner
tube, that one summer, that one afternoon,
you in your sleeveless shirt as we left our
dates speechless on the sand while we just

away from them and never returned. What
did they say to each other? We went with the
current, the Marlboros and matches
somehow still dry, which made us giddy
though we

drifted further and further, bobbing off,
never mentioning the ones on the beach
watching us smoking and laughing, growing
smaller and smaller, until finally we were