The Year my Shadow Pagoda Lost its Savage Home

'Never use these words in a title.'—Pam Brown

There were harmless little words like 'pagoda',
Words like tiny orange birds, that were best
Not thought of. But my Imaginary Pagoda,
My many–tiered temple, or maybe—
Hard to tell—my ornamental imitation of one,
Promising Heaven but never delivering—yes,
I know people like that—it vanished one day,
Having lost its savage home in the jungle
And the respect of the local cigarette smokers.
Archaeologists and Anthropologists flocked there,
With questions about their beliefs, it was a miracle
And a paradise to them, the natives untouched
By paradoxical Western values, only Eastern corruption
With its usefulness and its dark unsung heroes.

'The Year my Shadow Pagoda Lost its Savage Home' a free verse sonnet which uses all the words that Australian poet Pam Brown claimed (in 2013) should never be used in a poem or book title: pagoda, shadow, year, lost, savage, home, miracle, archaeology, unsung, paradise, paradox, dark, heroes.

               april 15, 2015