Road to Glastonbury

Another still life
with just the right light
Colors blend on canvas fibers,
accenting her perfectly fitted costume
in the garden by a sun dial and cistern
where lush ferns spread across
the painter's horizon line

My eyes converge just to the left
of her intimate beauty,
composed on a stone bench
where the Master's brush strokes
capture the weight of her anatomy

Flesh tones pass through the dilated pupil
Fluted birds pitch
dance around her absorption
with baby's breath and ivy chaplet
The evening sunlight timidly
makes its way through the clouds

Floral arrangements nestle
at her pink ankles
The evening perfumes mingle
A watermark on old parchment
absorbs the wet ink of her poetry
The rhymes succor my spirit
another traveler's sign
on the old road to Glastonbury

               april 15, 2015