From The Account Books of Bernard Quaritch Bookseller, Grafton Street
Lost in the Titanic 1) The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam rendered into English verse by Edward Fitzgerald, $2,000 rare jeweled binding, 1912, design Francis Sangorski & George Sutcliffe and, London. Front cover 32 diamonds, oval sunken panel with onlaid snake of snakeskin surrounded by 14 sapphires, back cover inlaid sunken pane, 12 garnets. Endpapers leather doublures inlaid with colored leathers, heavily decorated with gold tooling. Total finely tooled jewels, 1,500 each set in gold. Purchased at auction, packed, dispatched with 3,364 bags of mail and 750 parcels. 2) Rare 1598 second edition of Francis Bacon's essays, legendarily in breast pocket of Harry Elkins Widener, likely in luggage in stateroom, instantly purchased, Price Code Mineraolgy 1234567890. Legacy 3,300 books join remnants of John Harvard's library. Privately-in-Public and Not Publicly-in-Private.
Not for any class reunions but for these will I sign up instantly— The reunion of each who has lost a jelly sandal to Lake Trasimeno and hopped on sand. The reunion of each who has heard the noon siren and seen emergency exits open to a last moment in the mind's eye. The reunion of each who has seen the broken bottle of apple juice on the Stop and Shop linoleum and passed by. The reunion of each who has smelled the Depression under the "Trenton Makes /The World Takes" bridge. And then what. The reunion of each who would taste togetherness like a life reviewed one more time. Rise, Reign and Ruin
Immediate rifling, riffling through my landscape of raffles:--with intent to steal, with intent to sort and mix revelation-- Split Rock, Glover's Rock, Mishow Rock, Wilson Rock Turtle Cove, Treaty Oak, Pelham Bit Stable, the Kennedy Home For The Retarded on Stillwell. Our Paschal walks on Indian paths where the Lenape turtle, hidden in hemlock and beech, still aimed at the Bronx River, or to the Hutchinson River, Oostdorp, Anne's indwelling rimmed by sweet grass. They said she was delivered of thirty monstrous births none human. They said she hid where the tree had split the uterine rock, uncertain canal as she passed from the very bowells of this life.