The Fringe Life
Tried that too that—Gift — To be simply — Adrift — Drunk — Punk — Puke — For which the sucker prize — Pregnant — Priceless — Also tried — Sold that shit a long while — Cheered me — Sure — Superior The fringe life — Dangle down to Coral Gables selling oranges — Any road — All right — Twisting cheer from messy and familiar Strands of — Learned Futility — Adrift — On little left to try — Cheered me — Sure — The shine — Of trying, tried that too — All dabbled out — Bravado In a vacuum — I — Can — Type — Glosses over — Not Very fast — "The Applicant"
First, are you our sort of a person? — Plath APPLICANT APP To those to whom you are a joke Apply. Apply Fake cheer [Repeat] ha ha garbage Everywhere you look Apply. Pry open your last resort. CHAT APP People listen to women who look mass-produced. Blond. Blah cleaned. Interview these people, please! Who are they? Grill em. Grill their suicidal kids. The shiny type. Grimly shiny. Fishy. Fatty? Not self-esteemy enough. Not to me. In those days, interviewers padded little questions with the lamest brothel quips. APPLICANT APP Are you our [OMISSION] Legal to ask Are you our sort of free? From — Not to, free to — What [Inaudible] joke will you apply to? CHAT APP Meaning? Pinch me, is that a punch line? Because you need to be something. Take anything. Pick me. No interview succeeds in a mink coat, you need to appear needy, not needy, personable. Able to person? Type. Typecast worker bee. Rush out two, three a day, the proofs of improving, foolproof. Not to me. O boohoo you.